A Writing Map-tivity

My students LOVED dancing and singing to Dr. Jean’s song, “The Cool Bear Hunt.” Every year they get so engaged in the song and the order of events on the hunt. They also have a great time creating a map to the bear’s cave, complete with compass rose and map key. Since “craftivity” has become a common word among teachers, I decided to call this a “map-tivity.” Who coined the word “craftivity” anyway?

Here are some student examples of our map-tivity:

If you would like to check out this map and writing resource in my TpT store, please click {HERE}. I am adding a collage preview that I didn’t have the first time I posted about this activity. 
After the transformation. Isn’t that bear so cute?!
I decided to wait on the opinion writing activity for a few weeks while we continue with maps and “Before There was a Georgia” activities like naming the regions and rivers in our state and how they impacted where the Native Americans lived and where the first European settlers decided to live. 
Have a great day!