Snow, Contractions, and a Craft

I love a good snow…which rarely happens. I get excited when there are even flurries where I live. Needless to say, the students get excited as well! Recently we had the threat of snow and ice that turned into super duper cold weather that many of you had as well. That weather prevented the students from returning to school for an additional day at the end of the Christmas Break.

THEREFORE, once the students were finally back, I HAD to do a snowman craft with them. The addition of a lesson about contractions was the perfect fit. The kids hardly knew that they were writing, thinking, and even following directions. Here are a few of the students’ masterpieces:

This snowman has an extra mitten floating around. 
The snowman’s hat was flying away!

This student’s snowballs are in the PROCESS of being piled.

I instructed them to save room on the other side of the snowman to make a pile of possessive nouns. Most of them followed my directions. Then I decided that we may want to just add another pile of contractions using “not” or a mix of contractions for another “fun” way to practice making contractions. I will let you know later which direction we decided to go.

This lesson is in my Teachers Pay Teachers store if you would like to check it out. Just click here.

My students have loved this activity for a few years now. I updated it with cute graphics from Krista Wallden.

I have two more sets that I will show you soon. Also, there is a freebie that coordinates. Meanwhile, stay warm!