Tiny Notes – Transformed to Smallish {$1 Deal and Freebie}

The Idea

The idea for the original product came when I needed a quick note to send home with my students…sometimes at the last minute. So, in order to prepare ahead of time, all of the notes say “tomorrow” instead of a specific date. Because…

One aspect of my behavior management system is for the class to earn compliments from other teachers or administrators in the hallway, during specials, or at lunch. When the class gets 10 compliments, we vote for a reward. We graph it on big chart paper and sticky notes to give the students a real life graphing experience.

Celebrate Tomorrow?!?

HOWEVER, sometimes the students finished out a ten-grid during the day. After we voted, sometimes the kids wanted to have the reward TOMORROW. Can’t blame them…especially when they had voted for Pajama Day or Electronic Day (really Hour). So, I needed a quick note. At the time, paper was scarce and printer toner was extra valuable. (It still is, but not as extreme in my case.) Just the thought of using either one could send a teacher into a hyperventilation attack.

My Solution

So, my solution was a “Tiny Note” to send home that had multiple copies on one page with little to no graphics. No crazy bold fonts. No cutesy borders. Just the basics. Also, that particular class would keep up with tiny pieces of paper like nobody’s business. Maybe that was due to the “cute” size of the notes. They were similar to our mini-books that they loved like our Doubles Chant Mini Books and our class Christmas Carol mini-book. (Here is a blog post about those if you are wondering how that came about.)

From Tiny to Smallish

Fast-forward to the next year…the students were not in love with the notes enough to make sure their parents saw the information. Then, fast-forward even further to last year…I had a few “absent-minded professors” who could hardly keep up with their book bags, much less a “Tiny Note.”

So…enter the “Tiny Notes” that are revised to be “smallish”. Also, I decided that clip art may help get the message to the parental units.

Clip Art Helps Communication

In the spring, I began to wonder that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then clip art must be worth at least a hundred! I tried it out in a reminder note home about Field Day items to bring the next day. It was a success! If you would like to try it out, then you can click HERE or click the picture below to check it out for free in my TpT store.


Dollar Deal for This Week

The “new and improved” Tiny Notes set will be a Dollar Deal through Friday, July 3rd.


If you already purchased that set, make sure to download the new version. I hope you like the improvements. If so, I would love to hear from you on this post or in my store. Did you know that you can get credit for your feedback that translates into dollars saved on your future purchases?

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