Month: September 2015

Periscope – Teacher Friend Fun!


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Have you tried it? It is sweeping the nation! Is that a bit too dramatic? I am not sure, but it sure has put a pep in my (teaching) step!

It is a social media outlet that is so super fun!

Users post a video message through the Periscope app. Through the live video stream, the user talks about various tips and tricks about various teachery things. People can join the broadcast by interacting via text with the broadcaster, or scoper, as well as with others who are watching and texting comments. Sometimes it is even too “full” to be able to comment! We have some teacher superstars in the making who are Periscoping about all types of things.

There are 3 levels of participation, after signing up for an account.

LEVEL 1 – Low-commitment – Watch live or replay scopes. Many times the scopes are about something helpful like organizing student center activities, how to do something in Power Point, or how to teach a certain subject. Most of the time I am very encouraged as a teacher and validated in my methods of teaching.

Here is the fab Deanna Jump! She had some awesome tips for teaching phonemes.


LEVEL 2 – Medium-commitment – Comment via text as you watch a live scope. Also, it is fun to reply to someone’s comment or follow other Periscopers right then and there.  I have lots of followers that way and I haven’t even done my first Periscope yet! (I have been meaning to, but school started and it is hard to slow that freight train down!) I am on our Fall Break right now, so I am trying to catch up on my blog, store, personal life, home organization, etc., etc., etc. You know how that goes!

This is what your bio screen will look like. You automatically get one heart. 🙂 Isn’t that sweet?! People suggest adding a photo so that people can see who you are.


LEVEL 3 – High-commitment – Actually DO a Periscope broadcast.  🙂  I need to get a few things situated before I try that. The thing that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about watching teachers on Periscope is that I can see people’s personalities. I have known who these people are through their blogs, Instagram, TpT, or books. BUT NOW…I can experience their personalities and it is so fun!!

This is Jess from The Whimsical Teacher. She is hilarious!!! And…she is helpful with great suggestions!


Bonus features:

1 – The live scoper can comment on texts that are showing up on the screen. Cool!

2 – The viewers can “leave hearts” by tapping the screen.


Don’t delay! Download the app today! You will be glad that you did!!

Stay tuned for future posts about my fav Periscopers and why they are so encouraging.

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Note: Thank you to Glitter Meets Glue for the CUTE sparkly icon!