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Five for Friday, Seller Meet-Up, and Makeover Madness

Today I am linking up with Kasey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Friday linky party.


I like this idea because I can mention five random things from the week.


Teacher/Seller Meet-Up

What a neat group of people!! We met at a coffee shop just north of Atlanta and had a great time getting to know each other, sharing tips, and swapping business cards.


It was so nice to connect with other teacher/sellers around the area!


My New Blog Design

I am excited to reveal my new blog design that my husband created for me! I think it looks beautiful!!


Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.56.54 AM


Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 1.10.18 AM

My blog has been due for a makeover for some time now, so now I have no excuse to put off blogging about all of those topics on my list. My husband switched it from Blogger to Word Press, so some of the sections are “in progress.” However, I love the set up, the colors, and the clean lines.

Word Press has some cool templates if you are wanting to set up a new blog or to refresh your original. We chose kind of a website-style that changes up the order of the elements a bit.

I believe that my new blog makeover could fall into the #MakeoverMadness category, don’t you?



My first product makeover is finally finished! I decided to makeover all of the pages including the cover.





When I posted this product two years ago, I had just started selling and I did not own much clipart. That was then. This is now.

NOW I own so many sets of clipart from the very generous clip art artists out there that I love! The majority of my clipart comes from the artists listed at the bottom of my blog.

The “new and improved” Tiny Notes set will be a Dollar Deal through Friday, July 3rd. If you already purchased that set, make sure to download the new version. I hope you like the improvements!

** UPDATE – If you would like to know how these Tiny Notes (Home) came about and why I later decided to make them “smallish vs. tiny”, then please see my next blog post {HERE}.


Cute Puppy Award

Here is the cute “puppy” that I got to visit each day while his family was out of town.


He is not really a puppy anymore. I like to call him that. He is a Goldendoodle, therefore he is a BIG dog. If you have never been around a Goldendoodle, I highly recommend it. He is one of the sweetest, cutest dogs ever. (I am actually a cat person, so that says a lot about him.)


Kettle Corn Award

During the past two years, I have developed a “strong like” for kettle corn. After trying several brands, depending on what my grocery store carries, I have decided on my favorite brand. (I actually found this one at Target.)


Have you tried this? Do you have a favorite that you could recommend?

Thanks for stopping by today! Be sure to hop over to Doodlebugs Teaching blog to find some more tips, thoughts, and general randomness from lots of other teacher bloggers.



Note: The cute number clip art is by Creative Clips.

Five for Friday, Flash Freebies, & Dollar Deals

Well…today is the first day! I am celebrating 500 Fab Followers in my TpT store!! 

So, I thought I would fill you in Doodle Bugs style and link up with Kacey’s Five for Friday Linky on her blog, Doodle Bugs Teaching. Click the link below to go to her blog and see what the other teachers are talking about. And….you MUST check out her line of stationery. It is all so cute!!

I am absolutely thrilled and amazed that I have 500 followers now on TpT!

You have been so supportive and encouraging! It “does my heart good” to read the kind and enthusiastic feedback that they/you have left me. So…thank YOU!!

I will plan to celebrate 2 different ways for 5 days.
First, I will have a Flash Freebie daily. It will only last for 24 hours, then it will go back to the regular price in my store. 
Here is the Flash Freebie for today. 

Next, I will have a Daily Dollar Deal! It will be $1.00 for 24 hours then I will put a different resource on sale for one dollar. Hopefully I will have a new item or two by Day 3. Here’s hoping!!  Today’s deal is…

Social Media Links
If you want to be sure not to miss a deal, then consider following me on Instagram and TpT as well as Facebook. I will write a blog post each day, but depending on your settings, you may hear about the post sooner through a different source. 

This Week
This week, I was able to help an awesome teammate repaint one of her walls in her “new” classroom. It was red from the previous teacher, so she was making a change! I can’t blame her at all!!

Also, I was able to work on cleaning out my school files and belongings a bit. It was nice to have a little time on the front end of summer break to get some of those things finished started.
That wraps up my “five” for this week. Check out Doodlebug Teaching’s weekly linky to see what other teachers are talking about. 

Have a fabulous day!

Clip Art Credits: Celebration Sign & Numbers ~ Creative Clips

Five For Friday, Celebration, & FREEBIE

Hi Everybody!!
I hope you are all enjoying the last bit of time with your students. My summer has officially started, so I thought I would get a post or two rolling.

Today I am linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday. These will be random things that I feel the need to babble about.

My Blog Plan of Attack

Since time flies by at record speeds in the Spring, I think that I may blog about highlights from May and even April. After all, I need to actually remember all of the activities that we did the last two months of school for next year. 


My first highlight is an idea that I had about a note to remind students to bring certain items for Field Day. Probably the CUTE clip art that I have from amazing artists like Krista from Creative Clips or Mel from Graphics from the Pond was my main inspiration. I mean, it is more fun to put together a “cute something” than to just type a note!

So I started thinking that…

If a picture is worth a thousand words, 
then clip art is worth {at least} a hundred words!

Then I thought…
Maybe, just MAYBE, those hundred words would help the students remember their water bottle and class t-shirt.

I have posted it as a FEEBIE in my store. 
If you would like a copy for your Field Day activities, then you can check it out HERE.

Celebration Coming Soon!
I am almost at 500 followers in my TpT store! That is so exciting! It used to be an exclusive club of about 14. Of course, I was the first one. 


Very soon I will have a 500 Follower Celebration!
I will post new dollar deals and freebies each day for 5 days in my TpT store, The Think Aloud Cloud. The deals will only last for 24 hours each, so snag them quickly if you think you can use them. After that, the products will be listed in my store for regular price. 

Social Media Links
If you want to be sure not to miss a deal, then consider following me on Instagram and TpT as well as Facebook. I will write a blog post each day, but depending on your settings, you may hear about the post sooner through a different source. 

This Summer
Since I will not be taking any classes this summer, I am planning to focus on cleaning out my school files, organizing my home office, and working on my lessons and resources that I have planned to upload to TpT. I have several that are about 80% finished. Now I need to breathe a little and “just do it”!

That wraps up my “five” for this week. Check out Doodlebug Teaching’s weekly linky to see what other teachers are talking about. 

Have a fabulous day!

Clip Art Credits: Numbers ~ Creative Clips

Halloween Candy is Like a Freebie on TpT {& a Freebie}

Today I am linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five For Friday weekly link party.


First of all, I decided that Halloween candy is like a freebie on TpT because…
 …we try something new. 
Love it! 
Then, we HAVE to go buy more just like it! My new candy bar discovery is Nutrageous as of last Friday. It is a good thing we had our Desk-or-Treat event!!


Do you do a Desk-or-Treat activity on Halloween? My kids love this each year. 

Some of my students’ versions. they decided to mix the spider WITH the candy corn even they were calling the candy corn “eggs” at first. Oh me, oh my!
My example. I added my niece’s name even though she is almost old enough to have her own trick-or-treaters.
I put together a set of patterns with teacher directions as well as a letter to send home to parents. 
If you would like to check it out for next year, then please click {here}.
My awesome second grade team!
They are a really great group of ladies! They make it fun to go to work 
fun to have a costume party. 
See exhibit A, B, and C. 

A little bit cray!
New Scoot

New Math Task Cards
** This is the 3-digit version that will be on sale through Monday night.

Note: The full 2-Digit version is a part of the BUNDLE of Fall Math Task Cards. I will be adding the 3-digit version to the Bundle. If you are thinking about getting the BUNDLE, now is the time. The price will go up on Tuesday.
Sunday Circular Linky
Look for a circular like the one below this Sunday! 
There is a new linky by All Things Apple that is in a Sunday Circular style. On Sunday, you will be able to check out my sales that are valid for Sunday and Monday. You will also be able to check out the other circulars to find some awesome deals!

Now find out what other bloggers have to say about this week over at Doodlebugs Teaching.

Have a great weekend!

Five for Friday, Sale, and Updates

Today I am linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five For Friday weekly linky party.

Happy Fall!!!
October is here! 

So…now all things are pumpkin or at least orange. I pulled out my orange pens and Post It notes that I usually avoid at other times of the year. (They don’t match the blue and green in my classroom, you know.)

Speaking of Post It notes, I love that Krista Wallden even has clip art of sticky notes! What was our world like without sticky notes? I don’t know about you, but I love those things!


In celebration of Fall festivities, I will have a special sale from now until Sunday at midnight.

Buy 2, get one free! 
Here is how it works: 
Email me at 
thethinkaloudcloud (at) gmail (dot) com
your TpT user name, 
the two items that you bought, 
the item that you would like for free!
{**Note: Your free item needs to be of equal or lesser value than each of the two items that you purchased.) 
I will respond to you within the following 24 hours. 
I hope you can find some things that you might like! Thanks for taking a look!

My first three Math scoots, Write It! 3 Ways in 3 Days, for fall have been updated, so please download them again if you have already purchased them. To see a description of the updates, please click here. Then you will only need to print the specific pages.
If you haven’t tried this version of scoot and would like to see if it is a good fit for your class, please download the trial set HERE. It only includes two digit numbers for now. Here are some pictures of my class in action during one of our scoots in the Spring. 

The Write It! 3 Ways in 3 Days are (almost) available in a bundle. If you are interested in getting the bundle, it will be posted by Saturday evening. 
The bundle will include the following 3-digit sets:
Fall {2-digit Freebie} ~ full set
There are also two new UNPLUGGED paper sets on the scene. 
UNPLUGGED paper means that it has no craft and no lesson plan. You are free to use it however you need it to fit to your plans and activities. 
Here are my fall sets that are available. 
To see these in my store please click HERE and HERE

 Well that is my…

So, hop over to Doodle Bug’s Teaching blog to find out what other bloggers have to say. 

Have a great day,

{Fall clipart credits ~ Krista Wallden}

Five for Friday and FREE {Math} Write It! 3 Ways in 3 Days

Hi Everyone!  Happy Friday! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching’s Five for Friday. 
I have been on our Fall Break, if you can believe that! I realize that Fall has not even officially started, so maybe they should call this a summer break. But that would be weird because we had a summer break already. Never mind that we started school on August 4th!
I stayed in town this week so here are a few things that happened around here.

I worked on some projects, one of which was a math activity. Some of my students needed a 2-digit version of my math scoots, so I put that together and decided to set it up as a FREEBIE in my store. I have added some pictures of my class doing a scoot three different ways so that you can see what it looks like in action.

Click HERE to see the FREE Trial Scoot of my Monthly Math Task Cards called, 
 Write It! Sample
My kids love it! 
Here is how it works. 
The students play Scoot, which is a game where the students move from desk to desk as they answer each task card on a recording sheet.
{Note: I realize that I am showing you the Easter version that we did last spring, however I forgot to take pics when we did the apple version of the game. The Easter eggs surely add some pizzaz! You could also have a treat at the end of the game since they are opening plastic eggs and finding the surprise of a number instead of candy.  🙂 That way you can end it with a “wow” instead of a “wah-wah.”} 
Quick Pics {Base Ten Drawings} ~ the first day
HOWEVER, it has a twist in that the kids have 3 opportunities to play the game. {I usually play a round a day with the days not necessarily in a row.} 
Therefore, I came up with the name, 
Expanded Form ~ another day
Each time they play, they record a different form of the number representation on a different recording sheet. The recording sheets are specific to the number representation that they are practicing. 
Word Form ~ another day
For example, the recording sheets for writing out the word form have long spaces to allow the students to write and see the numbers written in their entirety on a single line. (The kids will need that skill one day when they are grown and writing out checks. Wouldn’t you agree?) 
Also, for the recording sheets, I copy “page 1” and “page 2” back to back. The expanded form pages have 3 versions for differentiation. Only one version, front and back, is included in the FREE version of the Fall Set in order to keep the file smaller. However, the FULL version of the Fall Set will be free as well, but will need to be added into a bundled set due to its size. (29 pages)
Here is the preview of the October set to show the different recording pages.

These activities are great for differentiation because the “slow-goers” seem to enjoy the process as well because the teacher is able to give immediate support to the students who need it. 
Here is the link to check them out in my store. My mom used to say, “Try it! You might like it!” She was usually referring to vegetables or something of that nature. She may have been quoting a commercial from days gone by for all I know. Nevertheless, it stuck with me!
Hopefully the repetitive practice with new designs and different numbers each month will help number representations stick with your kids. 
Let me know how you like the activity if you decide to download any of the versions. I would love to hear from you!

I met my sweet mother-in-law and daughter at Barnes in Noble one day and look what they were serving!

And look at the leaves on this tree…already! 

Yes, indeed it was 89 degrees that day.

My daughter performed in her first collegiate Wind Ensemble performance. They did a fantastic job! Like my daughter said at the beginning of the school year, “They are not messing around in college!” I could tell that they “mean business.”

My daughter is in the back on the left. A percussion major. 

My two favs.


Leaving you with this clip of a lunchbox that now graces our classroom each day. Wow. Cool!

Now that you know five things from my week, check out the other teachers who are celebrating Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching’s Five for Friday.
Have a great day!
from i Heart Second 
and The Think Aloud Cloud