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Day 2 ~ Flash Freebie & Dollar Deal

Today is Day #2 of my Fab 500 Follower Appreciation deals!


First, I will have a Flash Freebie daily. It will only last for 24 hours, then it will go back to the regular price in my store. 
Here is the Flash Freebie for today. 
Note: This page has a writing response prompt 
for use with the book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

Next, I have a Daily Dollar Deal! It will be $1.00 for 24 hours then I will put a different resource on sale for one dollar. Hopefully I will have a new item or two by Day 4 and 5. Here’s hoping!!  Today’s deal is…

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Have a great weekend!

Clip Art Credits: Celebration Sign ~ Creative Clips

Five for Friday, Flash Freebies, & Dollar Deals

Well…today is the first day! I am celebrating 500 Fab Followers in my TpT store!! 

So, I thought I would fill you in Doodle Bugs style and link up with Kacey’s Five for Friday Linky on her blog, Doodle Bugs Teaching. Click the link below to go to her blog and see what the other teachers are talking about. And….you MUST check out her line of stationery. It is all so cute!!

I am absolutely thrilled and amazed that I have 500 followers now on TpT!

You have been so supportive and encouraging! It “does my heart good” to read the kind and enthusiastic feedback that they/you have left me. So…thank YOU!!

I will plan to celebrate 2 different ways for 5 days.
First, I will have a Flash Freebie daily. It will only last for 24 hours, then it will go back to the regular price in my store. 
Here is the Flash Freebie for today. 

Next, I will have a Daily Dollar Deal! It will be $1.00 for 24 hours then I will put a different resource on sale for one dollar. Hopefully I will have a new item or two by Day 3. Here’s hoping!!  Today’s deal is…

Social Media Links
If you want to be sure not to miss a deal, then consider following me on Instagram and TpT as well as Facebook. I will write a blog post each day, but depending on your settings, you may hear about the post sooner through a different source. 

This Week
This week, I was able to help an awesome teammate repaint one of her walls in her “new” classroom. It was red from the previous teacher, so she was making a change! I can’t blame her at all!!

Also, I was able to work on cleaning out my school files and belongings a bit. It was nice to have a little time on the front end of summer break to get some of those things finished started.
That wraps up my “five” for this week. Check out Doodlebug Teaching’s weekly linky to see what other teachers are talking about. 

Have a fabulous day!

Clip Art Credits: Celebration Sign & Numbers ~ Creative Clips

Five For Friday, Celebration, & FREEBIE

Hi Everybody!!
I hope you are all enjoying the last bit of time with your students. My summer has officially started, so I thought I would get a post or two rolling.

Today I am linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five For Friday. These will be random things that I feel the need to babble about.

My Blog Plan of Attack

Since time flies by at record speeds in the Spring, I think that I may blog about highlights from May and even April. After all, I need to actually remember all of the activities that we did the last two months of school for next year. 


My first highlight is an idea that I had about a note to remind students to bring certain items for Field Day. Probably the CUTE clip art that I have from amazing artists like Krista from Creative Clips or Mel from Graphics from the Pond was my main inspiration. I mean, it is more fun to put together a “cute something” than to just type a note!

So I started thinking that…

If a picture is worth a thousand words, 
then clip art is worth {at least} a hundred words!

Then I thought…
Maybe, just MAYBE, those hundred words would help the students remember their water bottle and class t-shirt.

I have posted it as a FEEBIE in my store. 
If you would like a copy for your Field Day activities, then you can check it out HERE.

Celebration Coming Soon!
I am almost at 500 followers in my TpT store! That is so exciting! It used to be an exclusive club of about 14. Of course, I was the first one. 


Very soon I will have a 500 Follower Celebration!
I will post new dollar deals and freebies each day for 5 days in my TpT store, The Think Aloud Cloud. The deals will only last for 24 hours each, so snag them quickly if you think you can use them. After that, the products will be listed in my store for regular price. 

Social Media Links
If you want to be sure not to miss a deal, then consider following me on Instagram and TpT as well as Facebook. I will write a blog post each day, but depending on your settings, you may hear about the post sooner through a different source. 

This Summer
Since I will not be taking any classes this summer, I am planning to focus on cleaning out my school files, organizing my home office, and working on my lessons and resources that I have planned to upload to TpT. I have several that are about 80% finished. Now I need to breathe a little and “just do it”!

That wraps up my “five” for this week. Check out Doodlebug Teaching’s weekly linky to see what other teachers are talking about. 

Have a fabulous day!

Clip Art Credits: Numbers ~ Creative Clips

Warm Up with a Sale {& a Freebie}

Tired of the snow? Warm up with a SALE! 

Teachers Pay Teachers is having a “Teachers Are Heroes” Sale! {Isn’t it the truth?!}
It is time to stock up on the things that you have been “eye”-ing. (Is that really a word? My mother used to say that all of the time…so it must be a real word!)
Here are some things that I will be using in my classroom over the next couple of months. 
Super Fun!
More Fun Than You Would Think!
If you would like to check them out, then click HERE and HERE.
For the sale, everything in my store will be 20% off and you will be able to get an extra 10% off from TpT using the special code: HEROES. That will bring the total percentage off to 28%. What a deal!!
If you can’t wait until Wednesday to shop, my store will be 20% off starting on Tuesday, February, 24th. 
I will be back tomorrow to update you on our very exciting Science observations. You will want to join in too!
Have a great day! 

Christmas and Snow Sale & 2 Freebies!

Christmas is around the corner! 


Time is tight and funds are even tighter for the average teacher. 
So…I want to remind you of a few FREEBIES that I have available 
to offer a sale on some Christmas resources that won’t break the bank. 

Sale Items ~ 50% off!
The first one is to the tune of “Jingle Bells”… one.of.the.best.songs.ever! It is called “ThePlural Noun Song,” which incorporates various spelling rules along with some examples of each rule. The kids LOVE it and sing it WITH GUSTO as if they are at a holiday sing-along {year-round}. 
The stand-alone version of the flap book

One of the interactive notebook versions
If you would like to check out The Plural Noun Song Pack on TPT, please click here. Also, if you would like to read more about the activities included, please click HERE
The second song is on sale is to the tune of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas!” It is called, “I Wish I Had a Thesaurus!” If you are interested in that song as well, you can find it here.
Color version
Other items on sale:

Have a great last week with your buddies! They will probably miss being in class more than we know.

What If Teachers Were Treated Like Football Stars?

Have you seen that video yet? 

While the video is funny, you may find yourself thinking, “Wow, too bad that’s not true!”

Well, good news! I know of a real-life example of teachers being “cheered on” in a BIG way. 

(Brought to you in a Five for Friday style.)

There is a “Teacher of the Year” Pep Rally that is hosted by the Business Leaders of our county. They invite all of the TOTYs from the schools in our district, the city schools, as well as the private schools and colleges that are located in the county. 

It is BIG! It is LOUD! It is FUN!! And…a little bit CRAZY!

Imagine this:
Loud, sports-jam music, 
a sea of pom poms,
cowbells “making some noise”,
groups of happy students and administrators filling the place,
chants and cheers for each of the teachers,
students displaying handmade signs,
a REAL marching band,
and lots of cheerleaders. 

It is a REAL pep rally…for REAL teachers…for REAL! 

It is quite a sight to see. Quite an amazing sight.

How do I know all of this? 

My cute husband was voted the TOTY at his high school! 

Accepting his award

I am so very proud of him! He knows his math and science stuff AND he builds a good rapport with the students. For years, students and their parents have been telling me how much they like him as a teacher. He has a hard time believing that they think that highly of him. Maybe now he has an idea that it is true!

While I am also a teacher, I was there as a wife and a cheerleader for Dr. Jones. He was absolutely deserving of that award. I’m glad that I got to sit amongst his students and our family members to cheer for him.

As I took in the whole experience, I couldn’t help but feel that the cheering, excitement, and fanfare was in honor of me and other teachers as well. As a matter of fact, I represent all of the other teachers out there who may or may not be voted as TOTY, but who teach with enthusiasm daily, have hearts of gold, and realize that teaching truly is a labor of love. 

So, my hat is off to every one of you teachers. I am including a short video (13 seconds) for you to see what it was like. I believe that you will think it is great! 

The small print…
(Disclaimer: This video is by no means professional. It was taken with my phone on the spur of the moment…like most of my photos. I am SO GLAD that we have cameras at our fingertips these days!)

I challenge you to pretend like you were there too and that the pep rally was for you too. (It really was…in a way. The businesses have been hosting this pep rally for 26 years now!)

If you would like a better feel for it, watch the second video (30 seconds).

Then, as you return to school after the Thanksgiving Break, let the video play in your head as you walk into the classroom on Monday morning, knowing that the students appreciate and love you even if they don’t know how to show you or tell you. You are valued WAY more than any district could afford to pay you. 

As a matter of fact, maybe we should replay that video in our minds everyday. How would that impact our days? Weeks? Months? 

I am going to try it this week and I will let you know how it goes. 

The TOTY for my school is the wonderful Mrs. Wood. She is an unbelievable teacher with seemingly unending energy and kindness. I want to be like Mrs. Wood when I grow up. (Maybe I should tell Santa.)
A HUGE thank you to the businesses that put on this event. WOW! and thank you on behalf of all of the teachers who have had the privilege to be a part of the Pep Rally AND the breakfast. (There was also a spectacular breakfast before the Pep Rally for the teachers, their families, their administrators, and the business leaders. They even gave away lots of prizes.) I continue to be amazed as I recount the events of the day.

Another thing that may put a pep in your step is a sale on TPT! That always energizes me!

Here are the details:

The 20% off sale in my store will be starting Sunday in case you don’t want to wait until Monday or Tuesday. Make sure to use the special code (TPTCYBER) at the checkout on Monday and Tuesday to get an extra 10% off of your order. That comes to a total of 28%!


Meanwhile, I posted a free Polar Express writing activity sample that may help you out this season. Feel free to check it out here. 

Now for some more Five for Friday posts. Click on this link to go to Doodle Bugs Teaching blog to see what other bloggers have to say this week. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Black Friday Sale & Freebie!

Black Friday Sale!

Since Black Friday sales have been in full-force today and even some earlier this week, I thought that I would join the fun! Click here to see the resources in my store.

If you are planning for next week and need a sale, this may be for you! 

However, if you can wait until Monday and Tuesday for the site-wide sale, you can save an extra 10% from TpT. How exciting!

Until then, I have a new FREEBIE posted that can be used with The Polar Express. 

It is a sample of a bigger pack that is in the works. So…please stay tuned!
Have a great Friday!!

Halloween Candy is Like a Freebie on TpT {& a Freebie}

Today I am linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five For Friday weekly link party.


First of all, I decided that Halloween candy is like a freebie on TpT because…
 …we try something new. 
Love it! 
Then, we HAVE to go buy more just like it! My new candy bar discovery is Nutrageous as of last Friday. It is a good thing we had our Desk-or-Treat event!!


Do you do a Desk-or-Treat activity on Halloween? My kids love this each year. 

Some of my students’ versions. they decided to mix the spider WITH the candy corn even they were calling the candy corn “eggs” at first. Oh me, oh my!
My example. I added my niece’s name even though she is almost old enough to have her own trick-or-treaters.
I put together a set of patterns with teacher directions as well as a letter to send home to parents. 
If you would like to check it out for next year, then please click {here}.
My awesome second grade team!
They are a really great group of ladies! They make it fun to go to work 
fun to have a costume party. 
See exhibit A, B, and C. 

A little bit cray!
New Scoot

New Math Task Cards
** This is the 3-digit version that will be on sale through Monday night.

Note: The full 2-Digit version is a part of the BUNDLE of Fall Math Task Cards. I will be adding the 3-digit version to the Bundle. If you are thinking about getting the BUNDLE, now is the time. The price will go up on Tuesday.
Sunday Circular Linky
Look for a circular like the one below this Sunday! 
There is a new linky by All Things Apple that is in a Sunday Circular style. On Sunday, you will be able to check out my sales that are valid for Sunday and Monday. You will also be able to check out the other circulars to find some awesome deals!

Now find out what other bloggers have to say about this week over at Doodlebugs Teaching.

Have a great weekend!

Dollar Deals, a Giveaway, & a FREEBIE

Happy Sunday! That’s right…

3 Dollar Deals on my Sunday Circular, 

1 Giveaway that ends today, and…

1 Freebie! 
Read on for more details on how to participate in all of the fun!

3 Dollar Deals ~

It is time to link up with All Things Apple for her Sunday Circular-style linky. Check out my sales that are valid for today and tomorrow only and then check out the other circulars to find some awesome deals!

You can check out these 3 products in my store by clicking {HERE}.
$1.00 today and tomorrow only!
$1.00 today and tomorrow only!
$1.00 today and tomorrow only!
You can check out our Silly Bear Hunt writing activities {HERE}
Make sure to visit All Things Apple to see the other Sale Flyers!
1 Giveaway ~
A fabulous giveaway is happening right now at Everything Just So!
There are 40 prizes that Jennifer has bundled into groups by grade level or topic. She has even blogged about each of the products that are being given away. 
My product that is featured on Day Two is actually a money-saving bundle itself. It is the Fall Bundle of “Write It! 3 Ways in 3 Days” Math scoot games. You can check out my blog post about it {HERE} or my description of the product directly in my TpT store {HERE}
Her blog looks really awesome! You MUST check it out! (I want my blog to look like hers when I grow up.)
1 Freebie ~ 
Do you Desk-or-Treat? 
Letter to parents

Spider pattern

Spider bag shortcut

Autumn patterns
 A fun activity for the week ahead. Freebie download includes directions for the activity, a letter to the parents, and patterns for cute bags. Click {HERE} to download it directly from my TpT store.
Get your name in the hat before midnight tonight for this giveaway
However, my Dollar Deals will last through Monday. 
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Technology Thursday, TBT, and a Freebie!

Today I am linking up with the Teaching Trio for Technology Thursday. 

This is also a Throwback Thursday post because this is most of the content of my post for Jasmine’s “You Oughta Know” blog hop. I have updated it a smidgen though. 

One website that I LOVE especially for second grade is PebbleGo. It is also great for other grades for several reasons. Some of the specifics are listed below. 

The PebbleGo Website

PebbleGo is a fabulous resource for research about all kinds of animals, biographies, Earth and space, and social studies. It has a WEALTH of information in a very kid-friendly format. Use of this resource requires a subscription, but our school buys a license to use it and we all love it! 

The format allows students to look at certain aspects of each topic under tabs. The information is easy to understand and has buttons for a read aloud option.

To see videos of this database in action, please click {HERE}.

My First Encounter with PebbleGo

In the past our media specialist has given a lesson about it on the SmartBoard, then gives students the chance to use the computers in the media center to look up a different animal on their own. The students each have a clipboard and an organizer to jot down bullets of information that they find. Here is an example of the organizer. 

Someone at my school came up with an organizer that matches each tab for each animal. Here is a link to my “jazzed up” version (free) if you would like it. (It is not really that jazzed up. It just has a cuter font, so that makes me happy!)

How I Model PebbleGo in the Classroom

I do a lesson on my classroom SmartBoard so that we can fill out a big version of the organizer together. That way I can model how to access each section of information as well as each of the differentiating features. Also, I can model writing information in a bullet format. 

On a different day, I model how to turn the bullets of information into sentences, paragraphs, and sometimes nonfiction books complete with a table of contents. 

Publishing Our Information

I have a craftivity that kind of matches this organizer for eagles. It is actually a booklet to record and write about observational findings while tuning into an Eagle Cam, such as the one at Berry College. Our class watched the Eagle Cam as often as possible last spring and fell.in.love with the baby and the parents. Apparently they will be back to nest again this fall and will probably lay an egg or two sometime in February.  If you would like to read more about that fabulous experience please see {THIS POST} and {THIS POST}. Personally, I see birds in a new and better-informed way. Who knows, I may become a birdwatcher!

Look at the students’ booklets! They were super proud!

Below is a preview of the eagle booklet resource. 

If you would like to check this out on TPT, then please click {HERE}.

New Craftivity

I have a newly posted product that fits the PebbleGo presentation of information perfectly. It is actually a craftivity. 

You can check it out {HERE} if you would like. 

Hopefully you will get a chance to check out PebbleGo. You will be glad you did!

Hop on over to the Teaching Trio to check out other blogs for more favorite website tips.