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Day 2 ~ Flash Freebie & Dollar Deal

Today is Day #2 of my Fab 500 Follower Appreciation deals!


First, I will have a Flash Freebie daily. It will only last for 24 hours, then it will go back to the regular price in my store. 
Here is the Flash Freebie for today. 
Note: This page has a writing response prompt 
for use with the book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

Next, I have a Daily Dollar Deal! It will be $1.00 for 24 hours then I will put a different resource on sale for one dollar. Hopefully I will have a new item or two by Day 4 and 5. Here’s hoping!!  Today’s deal is…

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Clip Art Credits: Celebration Sign ~ Creative Clips

Day 1.5 of Dollar Deals and 50% Discount Deals

Yes, indeed…I am celebrating my birthday by having 3 days of deals in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 

            I was trying to kick this off with my “Note to Followers” and, lo and behold, it has not been approved and released yet. (Sometimes the timing is hard to nail down.) 

Soooo, “Day 2” of Day 1 will be Monday, March 23rd. We will go from there and hope for the best. Nothing wrong with extending the celebration a bit more!

~ Today will be the first round of special deals.
Day 1 –
               50% off Deal –

Easter Writing Bundle with Two Crafts

              Dollar Deal – 

Spring Friendly Letter Writing Templates
Day 2 – TBA
Day 3 – TBA

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The deals for Monday will be the same as Sunday. I will switch out the deals at 10:00pm EST of each day. 

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Daily Dollar Deals Start Today!

Hi Awesome Followers!
Thank you for your support and for your
enthusiastic comments and feedback. It truly means so much to me!
I am celebrating my recent birthday by having 3
days of special deals. I need to keep the celebration going! Each day, I will have a new dollar deal and a new
50% off deal.
~ Today will be the first round of special deals.
Day 1 –
                       Dollar Deal – 

Spring Friendly Letter Writing Templates
                        50% off Deal –

Easter Writing Bundle with Two Crafts

Day 2 – TBA
Day 3 – TBA
{You will find the Daily Deals in the “Featured Items” section of my store. I will
switch them out each day so that you won’t have to search high and low for
~ Here are some spring and summer things that I
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{These 3 resources can be found in the bundle
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Easter Friendly Writing Templates
Easter Egg Scoot! ~ Math Task Cards {4-Digit Representations}
Friendly Letter Writing BUNDLED {Summer Months/Back-to-School}
Write an App for That!
Here is a pic of one of the coolest
birthday cards that I have ever gotten from a student. Isn’t that so adorable?
Have a great week!
Carrie Jones

The Think Aloud Cloud

Warm Up with a Sale {& a Freebie}

Tired of the snow? Warm up with a SALE! 

Teachers Pay Teachers is having a “Teachers Are Heroes” Sale! {Isn’t it the truth?!}
It is time to stock up on the things that you have been “eye”-ing. (Is that really a word? My mother used to say that all of the time…so it must be a real word!)
Here are some things that I will be using in my classroom over the next couple of months. 
Super Fun!
More Fun Than You Would Think!
If you would like to check them out, then click HERE and HERE.
For the sale, everything in my store will be 20% off and you will be able to get an extra 10% off from TpT using the special code: HEROES. That will bring the total percentage off to 28%. What a deal!!
If you can’t wait until Wednesday to shop, my store will be 20% off starting on Tuesday, February, 24th. 
I will be back tomorrow to update you on our very exciting Science observations. You will want to join in too!
Have a great day! 

Two for Tuesday Linky! Wk 4 and Freebie


I am linking up with The Teaching Tribune for their Two For Tuesday Linky – Week 4

That means…

  2 items
from my store will be 50% off today!!!

Here are the items that I have on sale:

Write It! 3 Ways in 3 Days

Need a fun way to help your students practice writing different forms of number representation? This may be the resource for you!

To read more about it, see this post.
To check it out in my TpT store, please click here

My other sale item:

Friendly Letter Writing ~  Bundle
{Summer and Back-to-School}
Please see the previews of each pack below.
The June Pack

The July Pack

The July Pack

These would be a great resource for now, for Back-to-School, or for anytime during the year as they fit your topics of study.

If you would like to check it out, today is the day! Click here to see it in my store.

Also, I have a freebie sample set from this pack so that you an get an idea of what is included.

If you would like to check out the freebie, then click here. The pictures below show what is included in the sample.

Hop on over to The Teaching Tribune for their Two For Tuesday Linky and see what kind of exciting deals you can find from other bloggers!

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Two for Tuesday Linky

I am linking up with The Teaching Tribune for their Two For Tuesday Linky.

That means that

  2 items 
from my store will be 50% off today!!!

Here are previews of the items I have on sale:

The Silly Bear Hunt

Need a fun way to teach map skills WITH WRITING?


Start with a silly version of the bear hunt song with the ever-enthusiastic Dr. Jean. It is called “The Cool Bear Hunt” on her CD, “Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs.”

The Plan

Play the song and…
                             Act it out.
                                        Map it out.
                                                     Write it out…on a flap book,
                                                                           on scaffolded pages, and then
                                                                           on a “final piece” page.
                                                                    {Complete with cute bear clip art.}
These resources are in two forms:
      one for writing a narrative and
      one for writing an opinion piece.

They both include anchor charts for the transition words that we would like for our students to use.

The kids love it! Also, the lesson flows very nicely.

Below is a preview. If you would like to check it out, today is the day! Click here to see it in my store.

My other sale item:

Friendly Letter Writing Templates BUNDLE {Summer / Back-to-School Edition}

The lost art of friendly letter writing…

But wait…it is one of our standards. So, let’s do this thing with style!

This bundle includes 3 sets of friendly letter writing templates for practice and for fun!

These pages have cute summer-y clipart images that are as fun to color as they are to send. Each set includes scaffolded pages with clue words to help the students to be successful. They also include pages without the scaffolding for students who are ready for the challenge of writing a letter on their own.

If you would like to check it out, today is the day! Click here to see it in my store.

{Note: I have fall and winter versions on my To Do List. For those of you in the winter months, I can speed up the process if you are interested in those now.}

Hop on over to The Teaching Tribune for their Two For Tuesday Linky and see what kind of exciting deals you can find from other bloggers!

Have an awesome day!

Sunday Smorgasbord and Freebie

This Sunday Smorgasbord is brought to you by Michelle at Fabulous in First. I will add the link at the bottom so that you can link up too!

1 – In Case You Ever Forget…
You have an influence that could last for years.

Here is a pic of my daughter (on the right) with her two dearest friends on graduation day a couple of weeks ago. The matching adorable necklaces that they are wearing were given to them by their former 5th grade teacher the night before. She told them to wear it at their first job interview.

Love her!! I tear up every time I think about the “Mutual Admiration Society” that has formed amongst them.

That 5th grade year was the only year that all three girls were in the same class for all of grade school. LOVE.THOSE.GIRLS!

As a matter of fact several of their elementary teachers came to their graduation parties. It meant so much to the girls and to me as a mom. This 5th grade teacher certainly had a long-lasting influence on the girls’ lives. Thank you Elena Kaye! Also, thank you to all of their other teachers as well. I would have to dedicate an entire post to her High School Band Directors and their staff…truly wonderful people! They GREATLY influenced my daughter in many positive ways.

Thank you to ALL of you teachers out there who truly want to make a difference in the students’ lives! Your dedication does not go unnoticed.

2 – “Not-So-Random” Acts of Kindness
In order to thank teachers in our school, I had my students write letters to them during “Valentine’s Day Season” (It is a season, right?) to be sent through our in-school mailing system. So I made some friendly letter templates to help them out with the format. Don’t they look nice?

You can grab a copy of the FREEBIE sample here if you would like.

The kids wrote the nicest letters to the teachers. Some of the sweetest were to our specials teachers. It was heart-warming!

My plan was to do some “Not-So-Random” Acts of Kindness for teachers and for students. There are also some quick notes for the students to send each other as well in the full pack. You can check it out here.

Note: After I posted this, I found a great blog that suggested a mentor text titled, Sincerely Yours: Writing Your Own Letter. I’m so glad that I found it to go along with my Friendly Letter Templates. Check out the post at the blog, Hoot N’ Hollers, by Courtney and Sarah.

Speaking of random…here are my next three things in this smorgasbord line-up.

3 – My Favorite Restaurant
My husband’s family introduced me to Longhorn years ago and it has been a favorite since then. Who knew that you could get a steak salad?! Look what my students gave me!

4 – My Favorite Songs 
In general, most songs from Journey. I particularly like “Forever” by Randy Travis. Of course, I love Phil Collins as well.

I can’t decide…

5 – Favorite Yogurt
Coconut on granola cereal. It is my latest comfort food every day after school. Love that stuff! (Trying to only eat half at a time.) 🙂

Eat a few mini saltines afterward and you truly have the taste of macaroons going!

Well that is it for my random Sunday Smorgasbord. Thank you, Michelle for the inspiration!
You can link up here to join the fun!

Have a great Sunday!


Ten Things I Want to do This Summer and Freebie

Ten Things I Want to Do this Summer

I am linking up with that cute Deanna Jump to list my top ten things that I want to do this summer. Don’t we always have ten thousand things on our lists and we hope to get to 4 of them? Nevertheless, here goes…
 Deanna Jump
1. Take time for a hobby. My new favorite hobby is finding a use for all of that CUTE new clip art that I have bought in the last 6 months. Since I have ideas for worksheets, booklets, and anchor charts for my students, I thought that I would combine the two and then it doesn’t feel like work at all! Here are some of the sets. Maybe I am addicted! Just maybe…
I am even a VIP Member of Krista Wallden’s Clip art summer club. Is that sad…or exciting?! I think it is exciting!
2. Clean out drawers and cabinets at home. I used to love watching Peter Walsh’s show, “Clean Sweep.” We used to call it, “What Not to Keep,” because we also liked the show, “What Not to Wear.” I need to keep his show in mind whilst cleaning out.
Peter Walsh
3. Clean out my school files. They are bugging me!

I don’t know about you, but I have so many cool new resources from TpT that I really don’t need lots of those old files that I have just hanging around. Those “just in case” files. 

I am not naturally an organized person, so I have a hard time thinking about things in an orderly way sometimes. I organize my files, then I don’t remember where I filed them. Does that ever happen to you? However, the top of my desk looks neat and clean!
That leads me to the next thing on my list…
(Was that a good transition? My students would be proud!)
4. Decide on a system to organize my electronic files as well as my paper files. I have so many great resources and I find my self spending WAY TOO MUCH time looking for them. Maybe Ashley Schroeder’s notebook organizers will help.

I bought them a few weeks ago and have not gotten the chance to put them in motion. 
5. Work on my to do list for my TpT store. I have lots of ideas in my head, products that need to be completed, some that need facelifts, etc. I added some summer things yesterday including a freebie. The preview of the freebie is the fifth picture down.
Friendly Letter Writing Bundle {Summer / Back-to-School}
June Set
July Set
August / Back-to-School Set
Free Sample from the July set. Click here to get it from TpT.

Here are some pages from the FREEBIE Letter Writing Sample {July} ~ Templates:

6. Spanish 1 classes, here I come! I am thinking that if I can begin to understand the structure and syntax of Spanish, then I may be able to help my ELLs translate their thoughts into the correct English syntax. I took the ESOL Endorsement classes last summer and fall. It was so helpful to me to have an explanation of the common mistakes of ELLs in their speaking and writing. 

7. Time at the pool. A pool. We do not have one in our neighborhood, so it is a little tricky for us.
At least 2 times a week. Is that too much to ask?
8. Go to my daughter’s musical performances with Atlanta CV Marching Band. Atlanta Corps Vets. It started as Veterans to the Drum and Bugle Corps. Now the members don’t even have to be veterans. My daughter is so EXCITED to be a part of this marching band. Since she has graduated from high school a few weeks ago, this will be her marching band connection. She has loved her four years in the high school marching band. It has been a fabulous experience for her. She plays the marimba.  

Warming up before a performance on the football field.

“Her” marimba.
Actually it is the property of her high school band,
but this is the one that she played regularly. 
9. Try a new recipe a week. I have several Rachel Ray cookbooks. I need to crack them open.

10. Jazz up the look of my blog. I like the clean lines, but truly it needs a bit of pizzazz! I think if I use some of Krista’s clipart, it will have plenty of pizzazz.

Thank you to Krista Wallden’s Creative Clips for the clipart on this post that was not labeled.

I am glad to have the time to focus on those things. What will you be working on? Or will you just try to relax? Relaxing is hard to do after a whole school year of running about. Can I get an amen to that?

Have a great weekend!

Friendly Letter Writing and Freebie

Awesome news! Snow day today!! Of
course we had a few days out a couple of weeks ago due to snow. Because of
that, I would rather be in school for continuity with the students and with the
curriculum. HOWEVER, I am more than happy to embrace this reality. So I decided
to work on my projects that are slowly but surely coming along to be posted on
TpT. (At least for the next day or so in case the winter storm knocks out our
Also, I am threatening to organize my
office area at home. I am so thankful to have a room with a {door}…as well as
a view. (Our neighbors have spruced up their house and yard. It looks so cute
over there!)
Back to the door…it comes in handy
when TV sounds are distracting me from my work or when my daughter is
practicing on any number of percussion instruments. She even bought us some
earplugs yesterday! Her idea. Funny!
My daughter is a senior in high
school, so her repertoire is fabulous. However, the decibels that are coming
through the hallway and the walls are pretty loud. Since she has a college
audition coming up soon, she has been practicing like a crazy girl and
attending lots of lessons with her various percussion instructors. She is
pretty determined, so hopefully her audition will go well.
Friendly Letter Writing

Valentine’s Day week is a great time
to have our students write letters to each other. Here are a few examples of
our recent assignment.
Some of the contractions are looking kind of funny still. 

The assignment was to write a letter
to a teacher or a friend in our school to be delivered by Wee Deliver. Wee
Deliver is a mail delivery system that we have set up in our school. We were
hoping to get these “postmarked” and in the mail before Valentine’s
Day. However, along came a winter storm, which stopped production for now.
Also, the students were to incorporate
as many contractions as they could. It was a good assessment to see who
understands contractions and who is progressing. Since they wrote the letters
on the day that I happened to be out sick, one student wrote me a sweet letter
too. So kind!
If you would like a copy of this paper
that includes scaffolding for writing a friendly letter correctly, please click
here. A couple of other sample activities are included in that download as
There are even more letter paper options as well as other contraction activities that the kids loved in the full pack. If you would like to check that out as well, please click here.

Happy letter writing! 
{As a matter of fact, I plan to post a friendly letter writing paper with shamrocks on it soon. So please check back soon.}

I Love Valentine’s “Week”, a Freebie, and a TpT Giveaway

Valentine’s Day Week (It
should actually be a season of the year.)
One thing that I love about
Valentines Day is that it is a-ok to wear pink with red. As a matter of fact,
it actually looks good together! 
As teachers, we tend to see it as a
fun friendship day amongst the students and teachers. However, high school
girls tend to see it as a nerve-wracking day. Hoping to NOT get a valentine
from a boy “out of the blue,” or as the case may be, hoping that “the
boyfriend” will actually follow through with something meaningful, yet not
extravagant. It is truly a rock and a hard place for many. 
However, as far as young primary
students go…it couldn’t be more fun! (Except for Christmas, of course.) 
In the past I have used printables,
or rather copies, from the oldie-but-goody resource books, for everything
including Valentine bag decorations, classwork, and homework. Now that I know
how to create things with PPT, I cannot wait to create the next printable that
we will use for  ________________  (fill in the blank).
Creating things for TpT has certainly
been a creative outlet for me. It is actually relaxing to me. Also, it is
exciting to see one of my lessons that I have created in the past become an
actual product that looks so cute with the graphics and clipart that I am now
addicted to. 🙂 Thanks to Ashley Hughes, Krista Wallden, and Lovin Lit to name
a few. Of course sometimes the cute clipart inspires activities galore, which
was the case for my latest Valentine activity pack. 
So…here is my latest creation that
is Valentines-ish as well as contraction-y and friendly letter-esque. 


have posted a freebie sample of the larger pack if you would like to check it
out here.

realize that it is very close to V-Day for all of you early planners, but I had
to post the parts that are complete. I posted them once, and then decided to
revise and expand the pack. I have other ideas as well, but they may have to
wait until next year.
can find the freebie sample here
and the full pack here.
They are both in my store on teachers pay teachers, The Think
Aloud Cloud
now for the TpT giveaway…
teachers who are a part of the Freebie-licious blog are have a big blog hop
giveaway. They are each giving away $10 gift cards to TpT! Now THAT is the
perfect Valentine’s Day gift!! Would one of you please email my husband about
that? If you would like to join in on the fun, click on the button below.
I learned something new…

from Teaching with Love and Laughter had this challenge on her blog to link to
Freebie-licious. I did it! I would NOT have been able to figure that one
out even 8 months ago. Good times! (Never mind…I haven’t figured it out quite
yet. Maybe next time!)

a wonderful pink and red day on Friday!!